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My blog is 100% dedicated to the wonderful 동방신기-DB5K
『Love JYJ and Homin』
"5 is the perfect number for a band"- Youngwong Jaejoong 영웅재중
Faith, hope, love

Be careful who you vent to.

Realest shit I’ve heard all morning. (via suspend)

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This is JYJ. Guess which one is Jaejoong.




So another giveaway…this time it’s Tohoshinki’s Time Works Wonders! 
And I will be giving away two copies of it. 
The rules: 
❥ anyone can participate. Following me is not a necessity. 
❥ please reblog; don’t just like the post. Also, only one reblog per day. 
❥ winners will be chosen with the help of; I will put the number 1- # of notes and ask to generate 2 random numbers. Whoever reblogged or liked on the winning number will win. 
❥ no giveaway blogs please. 
❥ since the order is placed with Yesasia, I will be shipping pretty much to anywhere Yesasia ships. 
❥ you can go here if you want to see what exactly you will be getting. 
❥ Ends on October 22 (my mom’s birthday). 
— If you have any questions, please feel free to message me —
plot twist: DBSK "LOL we were KIDDING!, we've never been apart!"
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"can i ask you something?" my immediate reply says “go for it" but my mind has already gone through the seven stages of grief


just reminding everyone i have an ask box


This Halloween, I’m dressing up as Maleficent and going to all the parties I wasn’t invited to.