My name is Jungmin but you can call me Minnie! 13 years old and Korean American. My blog is 100% dedicated to the wonderful 동방신기 DBSK... OT5 Cassiopeia for life. Yunho is the forever leader, Chunnie the troll and greasy actor, Angel Xiah the duckbutt! Jae is my man and Changmin is my prince! I shall ship Jaemin till the end of this world! And a supporter of Homin!
Faith, hope, love

it can be hard to see what’s right in front of you / you’re gonna smile sometimes / and worlds will collide / i know you’re tired of waiting / so when you’re through with hating /  you’ll be a much more beautiful person / and now you know (f: tsyt)

There will never be another Shinhwa, another SS501 and another DB5K. They are irreplaceable.

And now, all I see is a picture of youI don’t know what to do anymore I’ll wait for you, no matter how long I will not change my mind

[PICS] 140424 Tohoshinki TREE Tour at Yokohama Arena Day 3 - RED OCEAN!
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Goodnight everyone

It’s a really bad feeling to try ultra hard and be a little proud of yourself then get totally disowned and they don’t believe it was your best

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